Finished Works

Title and Publication InformationBlog DiscussionFirst PostedLast Modified
"Matter, God, and Nonsense: Berkeley's Polemic Against the Freethinkers in the Three Dialogues," forthcoming in Berkeley's Three Dialogues: New Essays, ed. Stefan Storrie (Oxford University Press)HereMarch 25, 2015June 27, 2015
"Infinite Power and Finite Powers," forthcoming in The Infinity of God: Scientific, Theological, and Philosophical Approaches, ed. Benedikt Paul Göcke and Christian Tapp (Notre Dame University Press)HereJune 19, 2013October 7, 2013
"Berkeley's Philosophy of Religion," forthcoming in The Continuum Companion to Berkeley, ed. Richard Brook and Bertil Belfrage (Bloomsbury Press)HereSeptember 15, 2012May 22, 2013
Language and the Structure of Berkeley's World, USC PhD Dissertation, defended March 21, 2014.HereFebruary 21, 2014April 8, 2014
Review of The Puzzle of Existence, ed. Tyron Goldschmidt. Faith and Philosophy 31 (2014): 341-344.HereMarch 18, 2014March 18, 2014
"Berkeley's Lockean Religious Epistemology" (subscription required). Journal of the History of Ideas 75 (2014): 417-438.HereJuly 7, 2012July 11, 2014
"Understanding Omnipotence" (with Alexander R. Pruss). Religious Studies 48 (2012): 403-414. HereDecember 15, 2011July 30, 2012
"Thomas Reid on Character and Freedom". History of Philosophy Quarterly 29 (2012): 159-176.HereMarch 27, 2012
"Omnipotence" in James Fieser and Bradley Dowden, eds., The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.HereNovember 8, 2011November 11, 2011
"An Annotated Bibliography of Omnipotence"HereJuly 6, 2011November 12, 2011
"Can Berkeley's God Raise the Same Body Transformed?" Presentation to the 2008 Society of Christian Philosophers, Pacific Division Conference: Mind, Body and Free Will. Riverside, CA, October 31, 2008.HereNovember 23, 2008November 23, 2008
"The Semantics of Sense Perception in Berkeley". Religious Studies 44 (2008): 249-268.HereOctober 26, 2007October 26, 2007

Works in Progress

Title and Publication InformationBlog DiscussionFirst PostedLast Modified
"How Berkeley's Gardener Knows his Cherry Tree"HereOctober 20, 2014December 5, 2014
"Arnauld's Verbal Distinction Between Ideas and Perceptions"HereSeptember 1, 2014June 16, 2015
"Leibniz and the Veridicality of Body Perceptions" (formerly known as "Leibniz on Phenomenalism, Mechanism, and the Great Chain of Being")HereMarch 26, 2014October 1, 2014
"Berkeley's Meta-Ontology: Bodies, Forces, and the Semantics of 'Exists'"HereSeptember 9, 2013September 28, 2013
"A Leibnizian Theory of Miracles"HereNovember 4, 2009September 26, 2011
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